Welcome to Norcrew

Norcrew is a specialized service company that provides professional and skilled employees for the working industries all around the world. We connect skilled European workers to the industries in the Nordic region.

We know the importance of a deadline and keeping a promise. By providing the needed workforce, we help our partners deliver on their promises. Or as we like to say; happy partners and happy workers is the perfect combination.

Norcrew visions

  • Happy and healthy workers
  • Safe and good work environment
  • Satisfied customers
  • To have the best service-worker base


We offer highly skilled constructions workers to all areas of the industry, carpenters, painters, welders etc.


We provide service minded workers for hotels, restaurant, shops, supermarkets etc. that speak fluently English and will greet the clients with a smile.


We are helping shipping companies and fishing vessels with the necessary crew for the maritime operations

Social care

We offer trained and educated workers for the social care industry, for retirement homes, hospitals, kindergartens etc.

About us

Norcrew is a service company with office based in the Faroe Islands and Iceland. We are a specialized service company, and we offer our services to industries all across the North Atlantic. Our employees are high quality workers and we provide staff for almost all areas within the construction and marine sector. We help our partners deliver on their promises, by providing the necessary workforce to their projects. Satisfaction is key, and satisfaction is achieved with happy partners and employees.


Terji Sørensen


Bartlomiej Majewski


Monica Chaberska


Thedoros Ioannidis


Barbara Næss Gunnarsson


Evelina Drapatof



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